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Báo hiệu đái dầm, ẩm ướt

390.000 ₫

Báo hiệu khi trẻ em, người già đái dầm làm ướt quần, ướt bỉm gây khó chịu,

Báo hiệu khi trẻ em, người già đái dầm làm ướt quần, ướt bỉm gây khó chịu.

Có 3 chế độ báo: nháy đèn, rung hoặc âm thanh.

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Operating temperature:-20℃ — 50℃
High sensitivity and accuracy
Low power consumption
Low battery indicator
Easy to use, one button operation to set up
The Sensor with a clamp, Convenience to users
Adult Baby Bedwetting Enuresis Urine Bed Wetting Alarm +Sensor With Clamp
100% brand new and high quality
This 3-in-1 alarm system is an efficient and inexpensive treatment for nocturnal enuresis, i.e. bedwetting, without using medication. Designed with advanced features, this bedwetting alarm combines Music, Vibration or Multi-LED Light to help even the deepest sleeper wake. The device consists of an alarm unit attached to a sensor via cable connection.
It can be used for baby bedwetting and adult bedwetting
Microcomputer control with intelligent design, Multi-alarm modes for you to select easily, including music, vibration and multi-LED light
Powered by 2x AAA batteries. (Not included)

Net weight:58g
Package weight:68g


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