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Voi sen tang ap V3  1

Vòi sen tăng áp V3

190.000 ₫ 160.000 ₫

Vòi sen tự động tăng áp, dùng cho nơi NƯỚC YẾU & các tầng sát mái. Đặc biệt không dùng pin, không dùng điện, tiết kiệm nước. Đảm bảo áp lực tăng vài trăm phần trăm so với cũ, không phun mạnh hoàn tiền 100%.

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Vòi sen tự động tăng áp , dùng cho nơi NƯỚC YẾU & các tầng sát mái . Đặc biệt không dùng pin , không dùng điện .

Vòi sen tăng áp V3

Vòi sen tăng áp V3

   Đảm bảo áp lực tăng vài trăm phần trăm so với cũ, không phun mạnh hoàn tiền 100%. Nguyên tắc tăng áp là do các lỗ thoát nước được chế tác vô cùng tinh xảo, đường kính phía ngoài nhỏ gấp hàng trăm lần phía trong, và đường dẫn nước bên trong được thiết kế đặc biệt tạo áp lực dòng chảy cao nhất.

Vòi sen tăng áp V3

Vòi sen tăng áp V3

   Tiết kiệm nước, theo thực tế sử dụng và test thử nghiệm lưu lượng nước thoát ra là 4.2kg/phút, tiết kiệm lên tới 40% nước.

Voi sen tang ap V3  3 Voi sen tang ap V3  4

   Có mẫu thử ngay tại cửa hàng.

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   (So sánh áp lực nước 3 loại: V5>V4>V3>V2 > V1-6cm > V1-8cm)


Product features and description:

Product Description:
Fine mesh water drilling systems electronic company Unique, patented, two-stage three water hole to make fine, soft, spiral flow, to avoid clogging the water hole, set the massage, health care, energy and integrated water-saving effect of 40% It is essential to quality of life a good helper! Natural minerals, the use of high-quality PC material, more heat, more impact, and more durable.
Principle: Stone has a natural energy absorption, solubility, regulatory, biological activity and mineralization of the properties. Stone tested the energy body contains a variety of useful elements and trace elements long, the body can activate the enzyme activities in order to promote metabolism, promote the body’s growth and development.
Ion energy stone shower, the water through the filter of the role of energy stone, its water quality improvement, like a spring flowing through the stone eggs filtration.


1. Softly. In the shower washing the skin, can rapidly break down dirt, while effectively regulating the balance of skin pH, skin clean and refreshed;
2. Negative ions can improve the bathroom when the bath concentration, while improving air quality in the bathroom;
3. Moment so that water softening, the effective removal of residual chlorine;
4. Increase the oxygen content of the skin, enhance skin’s playing sexy, sense of permeability;
5. All the benefits of trace elements in the human body, quickly dissolve in water, so you like being bathed in the spring.


Test results:
Bathroom air anion release was 380 ~ 530 / CM2, the rapid absorption of negative ions on the skin of dirt;
The release of micro-infrared can instantly generate small molecules of water;
The release of trace elements in water activity increased.

Effect of experience
Heated with water spray shower head water than the general initial slow time, because at this time of energy within the sprinkler heads need to absorb some of the stone to start the heat energy of the activity of stone and produce negative ions.
Produce a fine spray mist when the negative ions, so the bathroom clean air, human breath feeling fresh, especially in the shower longer feel a sense of tightness.
Bath relaxed after getting a vivid sense of the active substance is energy stone microcirculation of the skin produced by the role of metabolic system.
Ion fusion spa spa shower, bath, waterfall, forest bath, sun bath, sauna and other SPA is a long, healthy bathing fashion guide; easy installation, simple operation and unparalleled all-round effect, the absolute value of the price, considerate and attentive after-sales service, so you get personal satisfaction, get extraordinary attention to detail
Enjoy. Ion spa shower, perfect combination of technology and nature. The use of the world’s leading edge technology; using high quality natural tourmaline Brazil infrared ball; ore using a variety of natural piezoelectric high temperature, high pressure sintered nano – activation function ball; using high-quality nano-silver, titanium synthetic bactericidal, antibacterial, significant effect, lasting bactericidal ball.
Cast of small molecules, high activity, high oxygen, high negative ions, high emulsifying capacity, strong decontamination, high infrared emission, high bactericidal anti-drug and potent remove chlorine and heavy metals, minerals, moderate, PH value neutral ” SPA water. ”

Ion spa shower features: health is the key to the original gem-quality ore natural effect.

1, far infrared mineralized ball:
Far infrared emission rate as high as 89%. Far infrared ceramic ball also has a function similar to natural rock of the flowing water, with piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties, pressure and temperature changes encountered when cutting a large number of far-infrared emission of water molecules, reducing its diameter, resulting in three groups of water molecules activity of water. Improve the body’s oxygen content, improve the microcirculation system, promoting metabolism, balance the body’s pH.
2, the antimicrobial active ceramic ball:
By adsorption, cut, decomposition, oxidation and other effects of residual chlorine in tap water and completely eliminate the toxic heavy metals and other substances, and has broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity, may be the depth of sterilization, a comprehensive health care for every inch of skin.
3, negative ion ceramic ball:
Multi ball thermoelectric and piezoelectric produce large amounts of negative charge, resulting in a large number of negative ions, negative ions, like vitamins as food, activities of human life and physical health has a significant impact. Therefore, the anion is also known as “air vitamin”, “longevity factor.” Spa shower of negative ions negative ions output is 50 times the original forest, on the respiratory system, nervous system and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular has a very important role. Chlorine is harmful to human carcinogens, bath, through the skin, hair, eyes, nose, lungs and other organs when inhaled chlorine in drinking water than the
Intake increased by 6-100 times, spa shower of negative ions through adsorption, oxidation and decomposition, greatly reduced the chlorine content in water, making bathing safer, families more at ease.


Spa shower features:
1, far infrared mineralized ball, remove the residual chlorine in water, heavy metals, foreign impurities and bacteria, remove skin waste.
2, negative mineralization ball, the water molecules into small molecules, so that a variety of precious minerals, easily absorbed by the skin, the skin white and tender and elastic.
3, to improve the ventilation of lung function, shower fresh and comfortable environment, alleviate respiratory diseases.
4, eliminate fatigue, improve brain function, promote metabolism, increase cell viability.
5, the elimination of skin inflammation, itching desensitization, accelerated skin healing.
6, dandruff, and balance scalp oil production, control hair loss.
7, eliminate odors, bacteria sterilization, fish flowers to make more vigorous vitality.
8, saving up to 40%.